Ahmed Quraishi

Ahmed Quraishi

Journalist/researcher/writer/TV host

Ahmed Quraishi emerged in recent years as one of the youngest advocates of a new political thought sweeping Pakistan’s younger generation. Like many Pakistanis with multicultural backgrounds, Mr. Quraishi�s family is a mix of Arab and Afghan influences, descending from the offspring of an Arab trader whose travels took him to the seats of power of Muslim sultanates. Some eight centuries ago, he came to Multan, then the capital of an Arab emirate that briefly flourished in Sindh [modern Pakistan]. Later, his sons expanded his business to Delhi, the historic Muslim-built capital of a series of Muslim dynasties that ruled the territory known today as India. – Mr. Quraishi is a senior research fellow with the Project For Pakistan In The 21st Century [ProjectPakistan-21], an independent Pakistani think tank based in the federal capital, Islamabad. – Participated in the so-called ‘track II’ diplomacy between Pakistan and the United States and Pakistan and China. – Participated in closed door, pre-war discussion-panels on post-Saddam Hussain Iraq in the year 2000-2001. These were closed-door sessions held in Kuwait City. Mr. Quraishi was nominated by the Kuwaiti side and was probably the only Pakistani analyst to sit in on meetings that combined participants from mostly the Arab Gulf region. Mr. Quraishi is married to Aysha Mughal-Quraishi and they live in Islamabad with their son Alwaleed and daughter Natalia.

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