Khawaja Muhammad Asif

Biography of Khawaja Muhammad Asif


Profession: Politician,Businessman and a banker

Born: 09 August 1949

Affiliation(s): PML-N

Citizenship: Pakistani

Education of Khawaja Muhammad Asif

Khawaja Muhammad Asif received his education at Cadet College Hasan Abdal. He then moved to Government College Lahore. He graduated with LLB degree form University Law College, Lahore. Prior to politics, he worked as a banker in United Arab Emirates where he lived for many years.

Political Career of Khawaja Muhammad Asif

His political career started in 1991 when he became a member of Senate of Pakistan. In 1993, he ran for the seat of National assembly of Pakistan from Sialkot constituency and was successful.
He won elections in 1993, 1997, 2002, 2008 and 2010 from Sialkot constituency. He has been a member of National assembly for five times and served as Minister for Defence during 2013-2017 and as Minister for Water and Power during 2013-2017 while he became Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources in 2008.
He was made chairman of Privatization Commission of Pakistan by Nawaz Sharif. Under Gillani, he served as Minister of Sports. It was during Pervaiz Musharraf’s Government he became very close to Nawaz Sharif as the party leadership was exiled during the military dictatorship of Musharraf He was appointed as Minister for Foreign Affairs for the first time by Shahid Khaqan Abbasi.

khawaja asif and shireen mazari

Khawaja Asif’s Scandal and Controversy

Khawaja Asif is a person whose always in the news, whether its his anti military speech in Pakistan’s National Assembly or his strong statements against members of other political parties. In 2017 Khawaja Asif was particularly in the news, majorly for two reasons. First one is his derogatory remark against his political rival Shireen Mazari. In a recorded National Assembly session while he was giving a speech on Nawaz Sharif’s Panama Gate Scandal, he called Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf’s spokesperson Dr. Shireen Mazari “Tractor Trolly”. Although he publicly apologized her but Khawaja Asif was criticized by public in general.

khawaja asif tractor trolly

khawaja asif cheeky

The second reason is his controversial scandal with Kashmala Tariq. His secret relationship was being discussed on mainstream media by some of country’s top journalists. A leading Journalist Hamid MirInvited Khawaja Asif and Kashmala Tariq on his prime time show and brought up this matter. Both denied any such relationship and termed it as false rumor spread by their political rivals while kashmala stepped further and said:

“Only people who have a dirty mind, can talk about these things. Negative people try to spread negativity about a woman and blame her character.”

khawaja asif scandal with kashmala

khawaja asif family

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Born on: October 9, 1949