kamran khan

Kamran Khan


Kamran Khan is an investigative journalist as well as an espionage and intelligence commentator. He has recently joined Dunya media group as President and Editor-in-Chief. Previously, he was the director of the News Intelligence Unit (NIU), where he manages and publishes investigative reports for News International. He was the Geo TV’s lead anchor during special news and landmark events. But he announced on 24 July 2014 that he is leaving Geo TV, where he used to host nightly show “Aaj Kamran Khan Ke Sath”. His first stint on television as an anchor was on Geo’s programme, “Frontline.” Kamran Khan has now joined Dunya Network. Kamran Khan was also special correspondent for the Washington Post. His reports and covered work on current events have appeared in the leading international news correspondents including, Washington Post’, Herald Tribune, and Sunday Times.

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