kamran shahid

Kamran Shahid



Kamran Shahid is a Pakistani journalist. He is the main news anchor for the TV show Frontline with Kamran Shahid on Express News.Currently He is doing “On the Front with Kamran Shahid ” a hard hitting socio- political and Current affairs TV show. He was a guest speaker for the Oxford University Pakistan Society at Oxfordshire County Hall during Pakistan Young Leaders Conference in February 2011. Kamran Shahid was born in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. His father, Shahid, is a Pakistani actor.


Started the Journey from GC University Lahore,completed his Masters in Modern History, went to University of Westminster for higher Studies. Returned from UK and Joined GCU as Professor of History. Later he joined Quaid E Azam University Islamabad and Punjab University Lahore He is the author of internationally acknowledged book : Gandhi and the Partition of India.

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