Mahrukh Fahad Qureshi

Mahrukh Fahad Qureshi


Affiliation(s): Capital Tv
Citizenship: Pakistani

Mahrukh Fahad Qureshi

Mahrukh Fahad Qureshi is among the most popular female TV hostesses in Pakistan. The beautiful woman is getting popularity with every passing day due to her comprehensive analytical approach and attractive presentation style. Currently she is working in Capital TV as Storyboard Production & Consultancy Services. It is difficult to handle political hosts from different opponent parties in live show but Mahrukh proved her worth in this regard and her handling and controlling of program is treat to watch. She has vast knowledge regarding different political issues which also helps her during her TV shows. Due to her perfect skills her program is getting popular with every passing day.

Mahrukh Fahad Qureshi completed her education from well reputed NUST Business School.  She studied journalism with passion as it was her dream to become a successful TV journalist. In the beginning of her career she worked for News One TV, Light Asia TV and PTV Sports. Later on she joined Capital TV as host and analyst. Joining Capital TV became the defining moment in her young career as she became popular in Pakistan Media as a competitive TV host. Her program, Hum Sab, is among the popular and successful broadcast programs on Capital TV.

There are many rumors about her marital status on social media but it is confirmed that Mahrukh Fahad Qureshi is happily married woman. She is famous for her complete grip on current affairs and most attractive style of presenting them on live TV. Overall Mahrukh Fahad Qureshi is among the most popular female TV personality in Pakistan media. One of the key factors for her popularity is her beautiful face and attractive personality.

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