Naz Baloch

Naz Baloch


Biography Of Naz Baloch

Affiliation(s): Pakistan People Party
Citizenship: Pakistani

Naz Baloch

Naz Baloch started her political career from Pakistan Tehreek I Insaf and became popular among the educated youth of country. In 2017, she surprised everyone by parting ways with PTI and joining PPP.

Naz Baloch was born in Karachi in political but conservative Baloch Family. Her father Abdullah Baloch is high ranking member of PPP in Karachi. Although she belongs to a political party yet it was against the family traditions that a woman took part in politics. Naz Baloch is the first woman of her family who entered in the field of politics. Naz Baloch completed her early education from Karachi and completed her graduation from St. Joseph’s College in Economics.

It was during her childhood when PTI Chairman Imran Khan came to her school (Mama Parsi Girl’s High School) to collect funds for Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital. According to Naz Baloch, ”We saw him sticking to his words and building the hospital. I started idolizing him since then”. It was the time when she made up her mind to join the political cause of Imran Khan. Although she admired Benazir Bhutto as woman politician yet she decided to join PTI due to Imran Khan’s views.

After she completed her education she got married Nadeem Yousuf who is also very active member of Pakistan Tehreek I Insaf. Her husband encouraged her to join PTI and she actively took part in politics as PTI member. Although it was surprise for her father but he accepted the decision of her daughter.

Naz Baloch’s nomination as candidate for National Assembly is thrilling experience not only for her but all other Baloch women. In 2013 General Elections, she got ticket from PTI to contest election from NA-240. The constituency is stronghold of MQM and other conservative parties. Although Naz Baloch lost the election to MQM candidate yet she got over 20000 votes and ended up as runners up in that election.

In July 2017, she surprised everyone with her decision to say good-bye to Imran Khan and PTI. She said that PTI changed from a unique political party to a traditional political party where women have no say in decision-making. She also said that PTI Chairman Imran Khan is not interested in politics of Karachi and his complete focus in on Punjab. She joined PPP (her father’s political party) and stated that Bilawal Bhutto is true leader of youngsters in country. Many people criticized her for her decision to leave PTI.

Overall Naz Baloch is among the most talented, educated and beautiful female politicians in Pakistan.

Naz Baloch Profile

  • Place of Birth: Karachi
  • Education: Karachi
  • Political Party: PPP (started her career from PTI but left in 2017)
  • Husband Name: Nadeem Yousuf
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