Rana Mashood Ahmad Khan

Rana Mashood Ahmad Khan


Affiliation(s): PML-N
Citizenship: Pakistani

Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan is a famous politician. He is a practicing lawyer and a politician. He is a well-qualified person.

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Age and Education of Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan

Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan was born in Lahore. He was born on 26th August 1966. He is a Muslim and practices Islam. He has attained the degree of LL.B in 1991.

Family and Children of Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan

Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan has a happy family life. His father’s name is Rana Abdul Raheem Khan. He has earned success in both personal and professional life.

Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan Constituency

Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan Career in Politics

Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan is an experienced politician. He is part of the constituency of PP-149. He is associated with the mainstream political party known as Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz). The party is led by Nawaz Sharif. He is the Minister of School Education, Higher Education and Youth Affairs, Archaeology, Tourism, Law, and Parliamentary.

Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan is a people’s man. He cares about his community. He has generated a lot of new ideas for reform of education which earned him leadership. He has an enticing personality. His advocation for free judiciary has been a real struggle. He comes from a respectable family. He has held several official positions in the past. He was the Deputy Speaker of Punjab Assembly from the year 2008 to 2013.

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Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan comes from a political family. His grandfather Mr. Rana Inayat Khan was the member of Legislative Assembly. His father was the Secretary Lahore High Court Bar association, the vice chairman of Punjab bar council. Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan is practicing as a lawyer. He has been the Secretary Lahore High Court Bar association in 2001. He has had the honor of being the youngest secretary in the history of the bar.

Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan Education

Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan Leaked Video Controversy

In August 2017, during the long march and sit in of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf a video of Rana Mashood was leaked in which he was blackmailing and taking money from a businessman of Lahore. The video made a huge dent on Rana Mashood’s political career as he can also be heard saying harsh words against his own party’s leadership.

Contacting Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan

Permanent Contact: (a) 12-B, Aikman Road, GOR-I, Lahore. (b) 199 Lane 10, Askari Housing Complex Walton, Gulberg-III, Lahore

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Born on: August 26, 1966

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