Biography Of Zulfi Bukhari


Name: Sayed  Zulfi Bukhari

Nickname  : Zulfi

Nationality: Pakistani, British

Born City: Attock

Education : Brunel University London

Profession :  Entrepreneur

Famous for: Close friend of Imran Khan

Religion: Islam

  •  co-founder of Martin Kemp Design
  • founder of HPM Developments

Sayed  Zulfi Bukhari is close to Imran khan  because of his love with cricket . He is also Active member of PTI. Zulfi Bukhari is a successful businessman who owns a number of properties, Malls, and companies in London and has a strong connection with Imran Khan as he was also present at the 3rd Nikkah of Imran Khan. Currently, he assumed his charge as a special assistant to Imran Khan and is ready to hold all the responsibilities


Zulfi Bukhari is a famous business tycoon and is a very close friend of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Few of the reasons for his closeness with Imran Khan is that he is a donor of Shaukat Khanum Hospital which was established by Imran Khan, moreover, he has a huge interest in Cricket. He lives in London for a long time and has a British Nationality. Very few people know the fact that he is a producer of Pakistani film ‘Cake’ which has been recently nominated for the Oscar Award.


Zulfi Bukhari has a very bright career who owns a number of commercial properties in London. He is also famous for his offshore companies in London including Abbas Investments Limited, Abbas Financial Holdings Limited, Malek El-Sayed Law and Consultation Inc, Abbas Investments Ltd, Abbas Ltd, and Al Bukhari Global Equity Fund. He is also a very active member of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and he helped Imran Khan in investigating the business details of Hassan Nawaz Sharif. His name was also included in the ECL for which NAB ordered him to come to Pakistan for the explanation which he denied by saying that he is a British resident and has never done any business in Pakistan.

 Assumes charge as Special Assistant

Zulfi Bukhari has assumed his charge today on 24th September 2018 as a Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Imran Khan for overseas Pakistanis and human resource development. After assuming this charge he will enjoy the status of State Minister as per norm. Currently, he is also being investigated for all his offshore companies by the NAB.

SC issues Notice over Dual Nationality

Supreme Court has issued a notice to PM Imran Khan and all the correspondents who are responsible for hiring Zulfi Bukhari due to his dual Nationality. Chief Justice Saqib Nisar heard a petition on 12th November 2018 where Zulfi Bukhari’s Dual Nationality is being Challenged. The petitioner’s Council Zafar Iqbal stated that  “There is no post such as a special assistant as per the law.” The hearing is now postponed till 16th November 2018.

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