Fraud of Bahira Town with Investors (Third Party)

Supreme Court of Pakistan cleared Bahria Town karachi owing to third party interest. But now Malik Riaz and Bahria town is playing with third party by offering them negligible amount of what they invested. Bahria town karachi is keeping every thing in dark to take advantage. People of Pakistan and Expatriate investers have lost their value of money in this housing scheme.Most effect people are of following areas of scheme

Precinct 29(ABCD)
Precinct 32(ABCD)
Precinct 33(ABCD)
Bahria Paradise
Bahria Sports city

Valley block
Instead of offering them land now Bahria town through its dealer is offering expensive projects for adjustment. We hereby demand specifically from Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan to take notice of this as many People are on the verge of losing value of their hard earned money as Bahria want to take advantage of situation

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