How To Track UK Visa Application Status Online

How To Track Your UK Visa Status Online

Important FAQS To Make A Note

  1. How to quicken the UK visa status?If an applicant has used the forms given below, he or she can obtain a decision for the UK visa within 4-5 working days.
    • SET (F)
    • SET (AF)
    • SET (M)
    • SET (LR)

    An applicant has to download and complete the requests as well as the payment forms at the Home Office. Make a note that only 5 requests are processed per day, which is accepted between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. The fee for this speed service if 490 EUR per person including the application fee.

  2. Is there a facility to track the visa application through SMS for Indian applicants?The Visa Facilitation Services (VFS) are the most reputed and outsourcing partner for the British High Commission’s Visa Department. Conjointly they announced that have a feature to track UK visa application’s status via SMS.

    An applicant just has to send an SMS (Short Message Service) to the number – 7333 from his or her mobile phone. This service is available for all Indian network service providers both on CDMA and GSM platforms.

    The content of the message is as follows:

    VISA –space- UK – space- Your Passport Number.

  3. How to use a GWF number for tracking the UK visa application?While telephoning the UK service center or emailing them, give your GWF number. If you are wondering what a GWF number is, then know that it is a unique application number, which is given to the applicant at the time of submission.

    Without a GWF number, the UK visa and Immigration department cannot give you an update on your visa status.

  4. How to contact the UK visa and immigration department?Phone: The telephone number is +44 2034811736, which is accessible from Monday to Friday for 24 hours. The call costs £1.37 for a minute with other international call costs.

    Email: Any inquiry via email costs £5.48 but follow-up emails aren’t charged.

  5. How long do they take to respond?If its email, they the UK Immigration Department takes at least 2 days to respond. However, phone services are rather better than email.
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