Muslim Boy Names: Beautiful Names 2019


Aadil: Just

Aamir: Populous, Full, Prosperous

Aarif: Acquainted, Knowledgable

Aasim: Protector

Aayan: God’s Gift

Abaan: Old Arabic Name

Abbas: Stern, Lion

Abdul Azeem: Servant Of The Mighty

Abdul-Aalee: Servant Of The Most High

Abdul-Aleem: Servant Of The Omniscient

Abdul-Azeez: Servant Of The Mighty, The Powerful

Abdul-Baari: Servant Of The Creator

Abdul-Baasit: Servant Of The Extender, Creator

Abdul-Fataah: Servant Of The Opener (Of The Gates Of Sustenance)

Abdul-Ghafaar: Servant Of The Forgiver

Abdul-Ghafoor: Servant Of The Forgiver

Abdul-Haady: Servant Of The Guide

Abdul-Haafiz: Servant Of The Protector

Abdul-Hakam: Servant Of The Arbitrator

Abdul-Hakeem: Servant Of The Wise

Abdul-Haleem: Servant Of The Mild, Patient

Abdul-Hameed: Servant Of The Praiseworthy, The Ever-Praised

Abdul-Haq: Servant Of The Truth

Abdul-Haseeb: Servant Of The Respected, Esteemed

Abdul-Jabaar: Servant Of The Mighty

Abdul-Jaleel Servant Of The Great, Revered

Abdul-Kareem: Servant Of The Noble, Generous

Abdul-Khaaliq Servant Of The Creator

Abdul-Lateef: Servant Of The Kind

Abdul-Majeed: Servant Of The Glorious

Abdul-Mateen: Servant Of The Firm, Strong

Abdul-Muhaimin: Servant Of The Supervising, The Guardian, The Protector

Abdul-Muiz: Servant Of The Giver Of Might And Glory

Abdul-Mujeeb: Servant Of The Responder

Abdul-Mutaal: Servant Of The Most High

Abdul-Nasser: Servant Of The Helper, Granting Victory

Abdul-Qaadir: Servant Of The Capable

Abdul-Qahaar: Servant Of The Subduer, The Almighty

Abdul-Qudoos: Servant Of The Most Holy

Abdul-Raafi’: Servant Of The One Who Raises (Intellect, Esteem), Elevates

Abdul-Raheem: Servant Of The Most Compassionate

Abdul-Rahmaan: Servant Of The Mercifully Gracious

Abdul-Raouf: Servant Of The Most Merciful

Abdul-Rasheed: Servant Of The Rightly Guided

Abdul-Razaaq: Servant Of The Maintainer, The Provider

Abdul-Saboor: Servant Of The Patient

Abdul-Salaam: Servant Of The Peace

Abdul-Samad: Servant Of The Eternal

Abdul-Samee’: Servant Of The All-Hearing

Abdul-Shakoor: Servant Of The Most Thankful

Abdul-Tawaab: Servant Of The Forgiver

Abdul-Waahid: Servant Of The One

Abdul-Wadood: Servant Of The Loving

Abdul-Wahaab: Servant Of The Giver

Abdullah: Servant Of God

Abed: Worshipper

Abedin: Worshippers

Abu Bakr: The Companion Of Prophet Muhammad

Abul Khayr: One Who Does Good

Adeel: Virtuous, One Who Acts With Justice And Fairness

Adham: Black

Adnan: One Who Settles For A Long Time In A Place

Afan: Chaste, Modest

Afeef: Chaste, Modest

Afreen: Beautiful

Ahmad: Commendable, Praiseworthy

Ahsan: The Best, The Most Beautiful

Akram: Most Generous

Al Abbas: Description Of A Lion

Alaa: Nobility, Excellence

Alaa Udeen: Excellence Of Religion

Ali: Excellent, Noble

Ameen: Faithful, Trustworthy

Amir: Ruler, Prince

Amjad: More Glorious

Ammaar: Life, Long-Lived

Ammar: The Builder, Constructor, One Who Prays And Fasts A Great Deal

Amr: Old Arabic Name

Anas: Friendliness

Anees: Close Friend

Aqib: Successor

Arham: Compassionate, Kind

Arif: Knowledgeable

Arsalan: Lion, Fearless

Arsh: Dominion, Crown

Arshad: Rightly-Guided

Aryan: One Who Belongs To The Noble People

Asad: Lion

Ashar: One Who Has Wisdom

Ashraf: More Honorable

Asif: Strong, Powerful, Fierce

Asim: Guardian, Protector

Ataa: Gift

Atif: Compassionate, Sympathetic

Awad: Reward, Compensation

Aws: Name Of A Tree

Ayaan: God’s Gift

Ayan: Time, Era, Epoch

Ayman: Lucky, On The Right

Ayoob: A Prophet’s Name

Ayyan: Time, Era, Epoch

Azaan: Call For Worship, Announcement

Azhar: The Most Shining, Luminous

Azzaam: Determined, Resolved


Baahir: Dazzling, Brilliant

Baasim: Smiling

Badr Udeen: Full Moon Of The Faith

Baha: Beautiful, Magnificent

Baha Udeen: The Magnificent Of The Faith

Bahiy Udeen: The Magnificent Of The Faith

Basaam: Smiling

Basel: Brave

Bashaar: Bringer Of Glad Tidings

Bilal: The Prophet’s Muezzin(Person Who Calls To Prayer)

Bishr: Joy

Burhaan: Proof


Danish: Name Of One Of The Prophet’s Companions

Daniyal: Intelligent

Dawoud: A Prophet’s Name

Dhul Fiqaar: The Name Of The Prophet’s Sword

Diyaa Udeen: Brightness Of The Faith


Faakhir: Proud, Excellent

Faaris: Horseman, Knight

Faarooq: He Who Distinguishes Truth From Falsehood

Fadi: Redeemer

Fadl: Outstanding, Honorable

Fadl Ullah: The Excellence Of God

Fahad: Panther, Leopard

Faisal: Judge, Decisive Ruler

Faizan: Great Grace, Charity, Great Beneficence

Fakhry: Honorary

Fareed: Unique

Farhan: Happy, Joyous, Rejoicing

Faris: Perspicacity

Fateen: Clever, Smart

Fawaz: Successful

Fidaa: Redemption, Sacrifice

Fuad: Heart


Ghaalib: Victor

Ghaazi: Conqueror

Ghasaan: Old Arabic Name

Ghiyaath: Succorer


Haady: Guiding To The Right

Haamid: Praising (God), Loving (God)

Haani: Happy, Delighted, Content

Haarith: Plowman, Old Arabic Name

Haaroon: A Prophet’s Name

Haashim: Generosity

Haatim: Judge

Haider: Lion

Hammad: One Who Praises

Hamza: Lion, Strong, Steadfast

Haris: Guardian, Watchman

Hasan: To Be Beautiful, To Be Good

Haseeb: Noble, Respected

Hashir: One Who Assembles

Hassaan: Beautiful

Haytham: Young Hawk

Houd: A Prophet’s Name

Humam: Courageous And Generous

Husaam: Sword

Husaam Udeen: The Sword Of The Faith

Hussain: Beautiful, Handsome

Huthayfa: Old Arabic Name

Huzaifa: Name Of One Of The Prophet’s (Pbuh) Companions


Ibraheem: A Prophet’s Name

Idrees: A Prophet’s Name

Iesa: A Prophet’s Name

Ihsaan: Beneficence

Ikrimah: Female Of A Pigeon

Imaad: Support, Pillar

Imaad Udeen: The Pillar Of The Faith

Imraan: A Prophet’s Name

Imran: Exalted Nation

Irfaan: Wisdom

Is-haaq: A Prophet’s Name

Isaam: Safeguard

Ismaael: A Prophet’s Name

Izz Udeen: Might Of The Faith


Jaabir: Consoler, Comforter

Jaafar: Rivulet

Jalaal: Glory Of The Faith

Jamaal: Beauty

Jamaal Udeen: Beauty Of The Faith

Jameel: Beautiful

Javed: Eternal

Jawad: Openhanded, Generous

Jihad: Strive

Junaid: Soldier, Warrior


Kaamil: Perfect

Kamal: Perfection

Kamran: Successful, Blessed, Fortunate

Kareem: Generous, Noble

Kashif: Discoverer, Pioneer

Khair Udeen: The Good Of The Faith

Khairy: Charitable, Beneficent

Khaldoon: Old Arabic Name

Khaleel: Friend

Khalid: Eternal

Khuzaymah: Old Arabic Name


Labeeb: Sensible, Intelligent

Laraib: Faultless, Without A Doubt

Lu’ay: Proper Name

Luqmaan: A Prophet’s Name

Lutfi: Kind And Friendly


Ma’awiya: A Young Dog Or Fox (First Umayyad Khalifah)

Ma’d: An Old Arabian Tribe’s Name

Ma’n: Benefit

Maahir: Skilled

Maaz: Brave Man

Maazin: Proper Name

Mahdy: Guided To The Right Path

Mahmoud: Praised

Majd: Glory

Majd Udeen: The Glory Of The Faith

Majdy: Glorious

Makeen: Strong, Firm

Mamdouh: One Who Is Commended, Praised, Glorified

Mamnoon: Trustworthy

Mansour: Aided (By God), Victorious

Marwan: Old Arabic Name

Marzouq: Blessed (By God), Fortunate

Masoud: Happy, Lucky

Maysarah: Ease, Comfort

Meerab: Water-Master

Misbaah: Lamp

Mohsin: Helper, Humanitarian

Moosa: A Prophet’s Name

Muaath: Protected

Muayid: Supported

Mufeed: Useful

Muhammad: The Most Praised One

Muhannad: Sword

Muhsin: Beneficent, Charitable

Muhtady: Rightly Guided

Mujaahid: Fighter (In The Way Of Allah)

Mukhtaar: Chosen

Muneer: Brilliant, Shining

Muntasir: Victorious

Munthir: Warner, Cautioner

Murtadhy: Satisfied, Content

Musad: Unfettered Camel

Muslim: Submitting Himself To God

Mustafa: Chosen (One Of The Prophet Muhammad’s Names)

Mutaa: Obeyed

Mutasim: Adhering (To Faith, To God)

Mutazz: Proud, Mighty

Mutee: Obedient

Muwafaq: Successful


Naa’il: Acquirer, Earner

Naadir: Dear, Rare

Naajy: Safe


Naathim: Arranger, Adjuster

Nabeeh: Noble, Outstanding

Nabeel: Noble, Distinguished

Nabhan: Noble, Outstanding

Nadeem: Companion, Friend

Naeem: Comfort, Ease, Tranquil

Najeeb: Of Noble Descent

Najm Udeen: The Star Of The Faith

Naseem: Fresh Air

Nasser Udeen: Protector Of The Faith

Natheer: Warner

Nawfal: Generous, Old Arabic Name For The Sea

Nazeeh: Pure, Chaste

Noman: Men With All Blessings Of Allah

Nooh: A Prophet’s Name

Noor Udeen: Brightness Of The Faith

Noori: Shining

Nu’man: (Blood) Old Arabic Name


Omar: Life, Long Living

Omeir: Long Living

Omran: Solid Structure

Ossama: One Of The Names Of The Lion

Owais: Little Wolf


Qasim: Divider

Qatadah: A Hardwood Tree

Qays: Firm

Qudamah: Courage

Qutaybah: Irritable, Impatient




Raamiz: Symbol

Raatib: Arranger

Rabah: Gainer

Rabee’: Spring

Rafee’: Kind Friend

Ragheb: Desirous

Rajab: The Seventh Month Of The Muslim Year

Rami: Archer Or Good Marksman

Rashad: Integrity Of Conduct

Rashid: Rightly Guided, Having The True Faith

Rayan: A Gate In Paradise Dedicated To Those Who Fast Often, Splendor

Ridha: Contentment

Ridwan: Acceptance, Good Will, Name Of The Keeper Of The Gates Of Heaven

Riyadh: Gardens

Rohaan: Spiritual, Kind-Hearted


Saabir: Patient

Saad: Happiness, Good Luck

Saahir: Wakeful

Saajid: One Who Worships God

Saalih: Good, Righteous

Saariyah: Clouds At Night

Sabeeh: Beautiful

Saeed: Happy, Rivulet

Safiy: Best Friend

Safwan: Old Arabic Name (Rocks)

Sajid: One Who Prostrates

Salah: Righteousness

Salah Udeen: The Righteousness Of The Faith

Saleem: Safe, Righteous, True, Perfect

Salmaan: Safe, Pure From Any Illness

Sameer: Pleasant Companion, Good Friend

Sami: Elevated, Sublime, Supreme

Samir: Entertaining Companion

Sana: To Glow, To Shine

Saqib: Shining Star

Sayf Udeen: Sword Of The Faith

Sayid: Master

Shaady: Singer

Shafeeq: Compassionate, Tender

Shahbaz: Royal Falcon

Shahid: Witness

Shahzad: Prince

Shahzaib: Crown Of A King, Like A King

Shareef: Distinguished, Noble

Shayan: Worthy, Deserving, Meriting

Shihab: Flame, Blaze

Shoaib: One Who Shows The Right Path, To Guide

Siraaj: Lamp, Light

Sohail: Sun

Subhy: Early Morning

Sufian: Fast-Moving, Light, Nimble

Suhail: Name Of A Star

Suhayb: Of Reddish Hair Or Complexion

Sulayman: A Prophet’s Name

Suoud: Good Luck


Taahir: Chaste, Modest

Taamir: One Who Knows Dates

Talal: Nice, Admirable

Talha: Kind Of Tree

Tamam: Generous

Tareef: Rare, Uncommon

Tarfah: Kind Of Tree

Tariq: Name Of A Star

Tawfeeq: Success, Reconciliation

Taymullah: Servant Of God

Tayseer: Facilitation

Thaabit: Firm

Thaqib: Shooting Star


Ubaadah: Old Arabic Name

Ubaidah: Servant Of God

Ubay: Old Arabic Name

Umaarah: Old Arabic Name

Umair: Life, Long-Lived

Umar: Old Arabic Name (Second Khalifah)

Uqbah: The End Of Everything

Usaamah: Description Of A Lion

Usama: Lion

Usman: Snake, Name Of The Third Caliph, One Of The Companions Of Muhammad (Pbuh)

Utbah: Old Arabic Name


Waa’il: Coming Back (For Shelter)

Waahid: Single, Exclusively, Unequalled

Wadee’:Calm, Peaceful

Wafeeq: Successful

Wajeeh: Noble

Waleed: Newborn Child

Waliyudeen: Supporter Of The Faith

Waliyullah: Supporter Of God

Waqas; Brave Warrior

Waseem: Graceful, Good Looking


Yaaseen: One Of The Prophet Muhammad’s Names

Yahyaa: A Prophet’s Name

Yaman: Proper Name

Yasaar: Ease, Wealth

Yasir: To Become Easy

Yazeed: To Increase, Grow, Enhance

Yoonus: A Prophet’s Name

Yoosuf: A Prophet’s Name


Zaafir: Victorious

Zaahid: Abstemious, Ascetic

Zaahir: Islabright, Shining

Zahid: Devoted To God

Zain: Handsome, Beautiful

Zakariya: A Prophet’s Name

Zakiy: Pure

Zayan: Beautifier, One Who Makes Things Beautiful

Zayd: Super abundance

Zeeshan: Dignified, Respected

Ziyad: Superabundance

Zohaib: Leader, King

Zubair: Strong, Powerful

Zuhayr: Bright

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